What is Subbmitt?

Subbmitt is a social news site that lets you control the news by posting links to articles, videos, photos & more.

Do I have to register to use Subbmitt?

No. Unlike other sites, you are not required to register to post articles. You can register if you want to post articles under your own username, otherwise all articles you post will be labelled as posted by Anonymous.

Do I have to login to use Subbmitt?

No. You don't even have to login to post comments or articles either. Many times you may just want to post a quick comment but don't want to bother even logging in. On Subbmitt, you can do just that.

How do I post an article or link?

You can post a link to an article by using our submit page.

What does the spam button below an article do?

The spam button allows users to mark an article as spam. When enough spam votes are received, the article will no longer be displayed. So don't post spam. Posting articles that are advertising only is considered spam. If you want to sell something, write an article or link to an article reviewing the product or service.

Does Subbmitt limit how quickly I can post comments like other sites?

No, we don't and frankly, we don't know why other sites do. Feel free to post all the comments you want. There are lots of stories and you can comment on as many as you like.

What is a original content?

Original content is an article that you create and post directly on Subbmitt.com. You can use this feature as your own personal blog and post your original content here.

How can I blog using Subbmitt?

Sign up. Then using the original content feature you can post entries under your user name. Your blog entries will show up on our front page. Your blog is directly accessible at http://www.subbmitt.com/yourusername

What are tags?

Tags are labels that you can place on an article to better organize them for the community. Tags help in the search for articles. You can use multiple tags to associate an article to various things. Separate tags by using a comma between tags.

Do I need to put tags for articles that I post?

No, you don't have to. On Subbmitt, tags are an additional option that help when users search for articles, but are not required. If you have already mentioned the word in the title of the article, then there's no need to add a tag for the same word.

What is a tag cloud?

A tag cloud displays the popularity of articles based on their tags. The bigger the word, the more popular the tag has. Tag clouds show what is popular based on the tag.

How do articles make it to the front page?

All articles will make it to the front page. Articles are rotated from the queue to the front page every two minutes. This keeps Subbmitt from becoming stale and boring.

How can I integrate Subbmitt into my website or blog?

Check our buttons & code page. You can easily add code into your website to allow your users to submit articles to us.

How can I submit articles easier to Subbmitt?

Check our buttons & code page. You can add a link to your bookmark toolbar to make it easy to submit articles to us. Add the bookmark icon and then surf the web. Once you find a webpage you want to submit, click the Subbmitt! link in your toolbar icon and it will pre-populate the submission page with the URL. Choose a title, tags, & category and press submit.

Why should you use Subbmitt over other sites?

There are a few good reasons:

1. Easily post links to articles, photos, videos, documents or original content.
2. Using Subbmitt for blogging allows all of your posts to make the front page.
3. All articles will make it to the front page. This will never happen on other sites.
4. You don't have to login or even signup unless you want to. This will never happen on other sites either.
5. You can post as many comments or submit as many articles as you want. Other sites limit your comments.
6. We treat you as an adult. No censorship or moderation and also no marking stories as inaccurate.
7. Last but not least, you can actually read our security codes. A miracle in and of itself.