What is Subbmitt?

Subbmitt is a social news/blogging/bookmark site that allows you to post links to articles, questions, photos, videos or documents. You can also post original content or even use it for blogging. It is a great place to read and share articles, photos or videos. If you see an article that you want to share with your friends, why not share it with the world too? On other sites, your article will make it to a queue and may or may not even be seen. On Subbmitt, all articles make it to the frontpage so you are not wasting time by submitting them.

Who is Behind Subbmitt?

Subbmitt was designed, architected & developed by one person.

Simple Submission Process

We've made the process of submitting articles easy and simple without all of the hassles found on many similar sites. You don't have to sign up or even be logged in and the security codes are actually readable. Imagine that! That same philosophy has also been applied to the rest of this website too. We've streamlined, tossed out and then simplified some more. You will find that we've eliminated most of the evils that you are used to on other sites. Using Subbmitt will be a breath of fresh air for you, so enjoy.

Subbmitt Articles

Subbmitt is interested in articles that you want to share with the world. You can submit articles containing photos, videos or new stories from any site you want. You can submit articles without even signing up if you want. Articles are sent to our queue where we quickly approve or disapprove them. We only disapprove SPAM or anything deemed illegal. We have various categories you can choose from. There is a Not Safe For Work (NSFW) category so use that for gory/graphic pictures, racy photos and any other content you wouldn't want your coworkers/parents seeing.


Any articles or links offering products for sale is considered as SPAM and will be deleted. Examples include links directly to your product store page or links to individual items for sale.

Subbmitt Blogging / Channel

Subbmitt also allows you to blog or create your own news channel. Once you sign up, you can start posting articles under your user name. Your entries / articles will make it to our front page and are accessible directly by http://www.subbmitt.com/yourusername

Subbmitt Frontpage

On the internet, democracy is overrated. It's nearly impossible to get a story on the front page of other social news sites that rate, or rank stories based solely on user votes. A strict one vote approach fails to account for the douche bag factor of those who band together and vote for the same article just to move it to the front page. At Subbmitt, we counter that by giving everyone their fair webtime, if the article is deemed worthy. This approach means that you won't waste your time posting articles that no one will ever see. All articles will make it to the front page because we rotate articles from the queue to the front page every two minutes. This keeps our website from becoming stale and boring unlike many other sites. Who wants to see the same old stories all day long? Not us.

What about spam? To prevent against spam posts, the queues are monitored and spam posts are deleted. You can also mark an article as spam. After enough user spam notifications are received, the article will automatically be reviewed and the appropriate action taken.

An Enlightened Website

No Sign Up or Login Required This means that if you just happen to find our site and want to start commenting or posting articles immediately, you can do just that without signing up. This makes it easier to get involved. There's no need to sign up before becoming productive member of the Subbmitt community.
Comment without signing up. You mean I don't have to sign up just to post a comment? No, not on Subbmitt. If you want to signup for an account to take advantage of other features, then please feel free to sign up here. However, you can post comments without signing up. Not everyone needs or wants another login and password to remember just to post some comments or submit an article. We try hard not to put up barriers that would prevent user participation.
No moderation. You mean free speech is allowed? Yes. You don't have to wait to have your comment reviewed by a moderator on Subbmitt. Say what you want to say. Click reply and your comment is posted immediately.
What about SPAM? As SPAM notifications are received, we evaluate the article and delete any SPAM posts. If you see an article that you think is SPAM, you can click the SPAM icon to mark it as such. After enough SPAM votes, the article is reviewed by Subbmit staff and the appropriate action taken.
Easy Security Codes You mean I can actually read the security codes? Yes, it's the miracle of the internet age!
No comment quotas Do you ever use those sites where you have to slow down your comments because you are posting too quickly? That doesn't happen on Subbmitt. You can comment all you want here. Sometimes there's a lot to talk about and we understand that. We want you to participate and not be held back.
No CensorshipTired of seeing things like "Reported by users as possibly inaccurate"? Not everything you read is accurate. That's life. We think you are smart enough to know that already, so there's no need to tell you that. That's what you are supposed to be doing with your comments. If you disagree with the accuracy of the article, use the comment section to explain why.
What about Karma or points? There's none of that here either, sorry. We are more Zen in nature, post your article or reply and move on. Concentrate on your comments and don't worry about karma or points. If you really want points here's +10 for you. Are you happy now?
Profanity/Cursing You don't have to curse or swear, but if you feel the need to curse/swear then feel free to do so. We're not going to censor it with symbols like $&#*@!%.
Offensive Comments Warning, Red Alert, we encourage everyone to be nice, but you may possibly get offended by an article or comment from time to time. That's life. However, if you find something that you feel is just outright over the top, then let us know and we'll be glad to review it.