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on 04/20/2008


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Virtual Battles: within:

Yu-Gi-Oh, Reboot, Monster Ranchers, Transformers,
Shaman King, Code- Yoko, Digi-mons, Dule Master,
Bay Blades: In-yu-yes-sha: Monster Warriors: Power Rangers.

Started out as game visional the idea with imagination: from the
brain of board games:

The Unseen: The spirits invisible within of visualization of imagery:   
Sha-mon King:

Visualizing with worlds: vortex another parallel dimensions:
Mona the vampire:

Soul of the Cards: Nahant Cards brought great and terrible cards to
life. Spit tearing the mind of tormenting the soul to release a paradox world
of civilization.
Once the cards are released the cue’s shufflers endangered the pubic and those who thought they could control the cards.


  In-yes-sha: With-in the dreamensional world.
Wonders, ponders: to the question why they their.
Detective: puzzle solvers: 

The search for the Jewel shards Fragments in the feudal Era.

Monster Ranchers:

Soul’s champions who were pulled in the dimension to defend
Net central: The Game cards created will of their
own soul of life.  

Reboot: Mend, defended, Maintain with-in the Net Central trying to
stop the user from winning the games. If win the system net world
crashes the guardian’s part sectors of the community is nullified also must defend against viruses:


Code-Yoko: curiosity exploration found the user's Planet Earth World of The Servers.

The viruses followed her trying to control the commercial area, industrial and Residential
area's. Yoko hid her self at a Boarding School.

Dule Masters and Bay Blades: controller's of the game with depths:
Control mouse pad, jolt stick, handlers of movement mind melded with the
character, or idem.

The problem they lose their life of soul for each point.
Games should be a sport of fun not deadly combat physical battle conflict:

  Zatch Bell: Book of Binding spells incantation directory of light and Dark Natural cycle or Demonic magic.  

  The Digious world caught between realization of the earth and virtual world.

 Digi-mons tries to separate their lives in exclusion own with out humans.

Game's cube played became a reality.


Noah Virtual world put the city of Earth is in danger through the game world.
The Digiousness program melded with Earth
the virtual world mist of games enter a sector of the
area Game cubes descend on the planet.

The Games enter the real world the children with their part strength,
their abilities may save the Central Digital Universe with-in. The problem
the game system was in separate carter ages not connected to the inter-connection
of the Net.

  Zixx Level: Galaxy polices also a lost Lone traveler in the Centrel Computer (The Keep) with her partner Fanlangogo Inter-stellar police tries by her self to stop the viruses
whom found their way to The Net and Earth.

Code-Yoko stop the virus from taking over the world with her independents however the viruses

They are predators who wants who tried dominate over the universe.

Central has not found their way to the World of the Servers
Earth. Zixx stood alone both did not know of each other exists.

Monster Warriors: Created by a screen writer who cause panic in the city. The origin city servallance watches closely by holographic holograms.  Hero's and Herowinlin’s are in the
Past of The Power Rangers Zord protectors. Rubies spectrum dimion radium surges through the brain tries with dominces take over planet Alien’s Invaders.  Technology develops.