Heroic Hero's And Herowinlin's: Mutation








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A. George Dave Prince


Heroic Hero Tec Justice:

Mutation: of the Ooze: Scamptic map:

And the Heroic Hero’s:


Mount Olympia Altus heroic hero of God’s. He is leader of Storm Zeus Lighting.

Heaven Pinnacle of the firmament.  The Demonic World of Hades was once friends.   

He disobeys a direct order for power of corruption and to rid the world of Zeus Son.  Hercules was searching to find his way to be a true heroic hero.    


Protector of justice half human, half God to stop the Demons.

The Angels, Demons of the Demonic under world try to dominate takes over the surface world.      




Atlantis God with too much Kenosis power with trinket of wealth sank below the depth of the sea. The Earth shake shift the city of the island to never return.  

Ocean floor depth lost in sea.  


Black Perils:


Black Perils of Port Land Tropical Island hidden buried treasures and sank to the sea.

With wary travelers who were in search for gold.

 Gold heavy weigh the person down those whom seek for trinket of riches.

Captain of the Pirates hid one peace full of riches the curse of no return.



G.I. Joe Sigma Six World Military: Globe Area Connective Police:   


The Summit organized an elite team to stop Cobra and Mercenaries forces scamaptic robotic technology was tested abilities improved. Using crystal energy

Dominate the world they would stop to no ends to control the world. The Summit also higher cops to stop a crime villain of the future.


Dick Tracy: Green Hornet, Falcon,


Stopping organization members of the Mob related bond of family, cousin, connection relative, acquaintance Gang members and foreign member of the Syndicit, The Predigest   Oppressors of diverse cultural seclusion were in under investigation.  



Secret of Nim: Tarzan, Mowgli:   


Experimentation of Mutation started with soul creatures, tiny creatures, flyers, sea and swamp soul creatures.  Human genetics’ formal: Scientist studied tried to adopt the experiment to human genes.  John Dusky the original creator and started Weapon X.

Capture in the lethal military hands use for illegal Purposes.  


The Soul creatures of the Earth capture in the Lab experiment on.

Gained increasing intelligentsia they taught the Law of the Jungle to Mowgli and Tarzan keep out of boundaries of the nation of humans. Super Human’s in the Amazon and African forest.


 Not crossing their path forest keep away from farmers field. The animals hidden their secret from the pubic would not dare reveal their brilliance. Stuart Little was the evolve form. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the secret of the Ooze spill in the drain the mutation ray geneticist grew humanoid form hero’s whom suppost to be hidden. The conscious mind increasingly emerged with energy power over loading the matrixes development of the brain not able to speak the Future of Pokamons.


The Process of Mutation: Cause Plagues or Natural cycles with extra genetic genes.

Ooze Mutation affected the world. Grossology Labs are working on a formal to reverse the process.


Mutation Spread:


Mutation spread cross the Metropolis. The Pubic question Mutants existence X-Savior open an Education Center to teach mutants to live with their powers Co-exist with society. X-Saviors interest connection to communicate with people.  The Pubic’ scared of the extra Gene Mutation causing protest against mutant.  From the Lanterian World   

Man Hunters scattered parts crashed of the Man Hunter on Earth.  Senator agreed to help by rebuilding the Man Hunters in to the Sentinels.


One problem the Sentinels did not recognized Stellar Nations, or Humans even those with extra Gene’s.  All Soul of life was the same they tried to wipe out their existence.


Fantastic Four: Doom lead them astray the astronomer saw the asteroid coming towards Earth. Metal meteor was not ordinary by the speed of distance the rock traveled.

Hurling in space The Fantastic four was not aware the macular structure was a bout

To be changed.  The Space Station force shield was shut down while hit in the debris.

Dr. Doom was testing his theory if changes effect of his friends. He tried to escape

The space station was caught in the process. The Debris of asteroid fell on Small Vile. 


Fantastic Four:


Mutant’s Interest with humans. The Fantastic Four through the metal metallic stars and

Portal’s transference made contact with stellar nations. Heroic Hero’s were recognized by the city of the pubic. Lens magnified directed in location through neutrino bounces.

Stars fazed flashes signaling code also neutrino is a Decibels C.B. Radio wave receiver. 


Duke The Leader re-organized an elite team lead by Shield.

Spread of Mutants they need to separate the villains from the Hero’s.

The Location search was never in the area. The Sky City Flotation Prison was navigated.


Irons: Steel


 Inventor: Earns weaponry assault scientist with the help of Lab Technician’s design advance range target advice for the military.  


To suppress the villains from mercenary, genocide, and homicide banding their weapons from range of use.  Fell in the wrong hand supply and demand to criminals.  The streets were unsafe. Sever justice to communities Earns recognizes to pull the weapons from arm and dangerous villains. Not in his society.    


Meteor Man:


Protecting the communities from Gang, Mob related members: With a message “Meteor Man can not protect everybody”. Needed the help of communities

Members unite together against the Crime Lord’s.  




The Justice League:


The treat of the universe was under siege attack of an evasion. Alien invaders tried to dominate the world with crystal absorption take natural minerals and particles of the Earth. Orb transference depletion the will eat.


Spiderman: Effect by the mutations spill a in the lab of Doctor Octave’s

Macular changed his structure to Spiderman after the evasion.


Mob Boss man try to find John Dusky to revive the formal of next generation of Super Human Villains combo genetics’ formal. The Avenger’s team up to destroy the remaining formal however no one knows how formal fell in the wrong hands.

This person could be the next president Max Luther.

Perilous Mind melded with Superman enemy whom made a deal with the State Person Prime Ministers to make copy clones. In case the Justice league went rogue Duplication Clones with their own idea’s to rid the world of the League.  


Static Shock:


Left in the Ware House near the Docks Dillon was given a job from the death of his mother Death state of shock. Never mention the toxic chemicals was illegal wanting

No part of this he tried to escape. Storm was brewing fusing everyone in the ware house to either super villains or Heroic Hero. Climbing the fence with a touch he felt the static Electricity pulsing through his fingers. With still enough strength he is able to climb

the fence not realizing he became a hero. He did not wish to be a hero. He became one.

A whole new Generation of Genetica’s Bang Babies was realized into the world.