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A. George Dave Prince 



The Search for Obi-wan and Yoda:


The Clone's attacked stretched crossing the boarder systems of the universe.

Clone's cross the line towards the planet Earth.

Enterprise Captain Jonathan Archer led the star fleet of ship against the attackers.


Breaching the worp core, of the Generator, slowing Engines were powered down in duplication cubical of the Clone's they were isolated. Paralyzing their movement entering the main computer shut down. 


The rubbles of junk of metal scattered pieces parts of the Stellar Clone Freighter of the Carrier Battle Ship clean up mess from space debris. Sciencist kept parts for study.    


The records lead to out reach planet of Alduran. Jonathan and his crew set a headed for an interception Course.


 From Battle Moons of the Death Star the Sith was searching to wipe out every Jedi there was only two left. Setting the clone to search the entire galaxy for Obi won and Yoda, Dark Vader agreed with the master to find them.


Start orbited around Rebel Base of the Senate met the Captain to discus the problem of the Empire crossing the boarder.  By the prime directive they were crossing the boarders. The support to stop them from crossing any further Regions the Enterprise was willing to help but to be honest this was not their war. They needed back up the politician agreed. The rebellion must be form. The Captain Jonathan built a Stellar star station out side the boarder.

Just need a crew he would contact Star Federation Fleet to recruit new members.


Obi wan and Yoda hidden in the shadow kept watch of younger child Princess Leia.

Heart was set as a technician but her servants tried to teach her to be a queen.


Escaping the guards to learn to mechanical development she saw the engine room a restrict area while the Guards search for her. She thought to her self this will come in handy some day.


The Sith went to test the new proto type weapon on Alduran.

Dark Vader perception could sense a presents.  

Obi wan and Yoda on the surface the Sith want no residual traces if they were there.

The Problem Interference from Enterprise and The Rebellion warn of the Empires attack.


Both defended the colony was told to evacuate the area.

Protecting Amelia and tried to protect the Princess whom slips away from the guards.


The Rebellions star fighter protected the Enterprise flank taking down their tie fighters.  

The Enterprise managed to take down the shield grids depleting reserves from the Empire. Planetary Battle Tec did not stop the enterprise from penetration their blast wounds pulsing

Wholes cause break breaches.


Enterprise right directly blocking the planet from the proto type weapon.

The Sith ordered to fire directly on he stated this worthless ship and along with the Planet.


Princess Leia went restricted area where she was not suppost to be

The before guards eventually found her no one knew if the Force engines worked around the planet the field. The Force field was untested. She energized the generator build enough power surround the planet surface. Asking Captain Jonathan to re-direct his stellar battle ship out of the way?


The Sith fired on to the planet Orbital world. The Proto type Death ray blast around Alduran nothing happen to the planet the death ray beam cross spit around the planet disintegrated dissipated in fade away in space. They kept on firing.  The clones were heading to Tactween were Luke lived, Obi wan and Yoda left must stop them from discovering Luke. The Sith felt their presents they were leaving follow in pursuit.


Captain Jonathan was not about to let The Death Star go. Slowing them

down.  Dark Vader sent his more tie fighter and lead the mission him self this was personal.

 From a distance others whom were attack from the clones form temporal alliance against the Empire. Enterprise once enemy were among friends.  Friendship is much stringer in the future.


With the over whelming support the Empire retreated for now.

Temporal Alliance decided to station them selves in the galaxy dome.

They became best of friend’s. How ever the their home worlds are still enemies

created an out post space station.


Tactween: Yoda and Obi wan dismantled assault vehicle and combat unit from discovering Luke’s location. Tired the Clones surrounded them.

Captain Jonathan transported not realizing the area was surrounded.

Jonathan and his crew used the faster to paralyze the robotic machines.


The Clone went toward the farm while the captain was contacted about the colonel Ship's aimed for the city. The Captain asked his crew to adjust a field Barrior around the city.

The barrior was ready. The perimeter protected the city a soon the colonel ship fired.

Enterprise blasted the star fighters in rubbles.


Obi wan and Yoda tried to protect the farm while tired. 

Child Luke saw the sword in his pocket defending the farm from intruders.


Enterprise was award with the highest honour for protection the city from The Death Star. Somewhere in the quadrant the remaining clones were lost in the star system.

I am Borg in the next Generation another story.


No saw Luke in the process. His Uncle did not want Luke follow

in the Jedi's foot steps the call him crazy O' Ben the hermit defender.


Yoda, The Enterprise, and Ben went their separate ways.

Yoda went the Bayia system not his home planet

Hidden some where in the Universe Yoda was not discovered, never found.    


Revised:  A.G.D Prince