Little People Globle Neighbour Hood: Anima








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Whitby Ontario, Canada


Revise Vision Visuals Repair:

A. George Dave prince  


Little People Globe Neighbour Hood:

With one Great Big Hand: Rectangle and Square:


Conesus Ability:


Sera Lee: Telepathic Soul Creatures:


Edie Lee: Telepathic: Tiny Creatures:


Soaria: Telepathic: Sea Creatures of Dept:


Ronny: and Susan:  Velocity acrobat’s stamina Competitors: quickness, with speed, Bravy muscle with Strength. COM petitioner’s sports aerobics’ field. The challenge to bow with honour with respect or shake hands with no hard feelings, this is not Marshal Art of assault combat battle of war of defense or attacks. This is Competition of sports, teasers contest of state of mind games, Competition of the Olympics.

No should be hurt.


Police: Telekinetic: Tec Connective:  

Residential and Industrial area residual locater:

Pieces of the puzzle search clue Finder: Detective Solver:


Tonia: Telekinesis: Conesus Connective Evolutional state mind of transference with objects pattern directional movement.


Air Heart: Aviation of Flight:     


Maggie: Notation Instrumental note: and Leader 


Sonia Lin: Field Nome Pulse Connectic Environmentalist:  Best Friend:


Circus: Clown: Dreamension of Comedy laughter of Practical Jokes: not the packers:


Michael: Telekineductions: Craft art reshape state of mind manipulation: The push:


Zoologist: Field Studier of Soul Creature


Ned and Ted: Net tic Connection: Mechanism Repair


Fire fighters: Detectors of residential and Industrial of component of Hydrogen heat.

Undetectable elementary elements odor of the visible and unseen misty viper’s of deadly gases.  Scamptic map and escape areas. No eating on the job. Breaks or must be off Duty when not working. Vehicles must clear the area in case of emergences:  


Shelia: Kenosis Conductor:  Static zap shock Energy fusion Electricity carrier: Hyde water station.


David:  Barrior Phase through Convertor: channeling


The Cook: Recipe Compound components elements of food the Restaurant. ---------------------------



Conesus Ability: Consists: Connective Evolutional state of minds transference and with object pattern movements:

Teleportation: Transfer beam of particle light from to and from stellar galaxies worlds.

Lavation: Flotation floatation ascends or descends

Telekinesis: State mind of: lavational transference and direct with object movement:


Telekineductions: the push; manipulates the state of mind Images, and Imitations the craft reshape: 


Notational Instrumental Notes: Rhythm and soul of connective pattern of music Performance and music art: 


Telekinetic: residential and industrial Tec connective through the Region area tactical scamaptic locater: Puzzle solver: Internet servers:      


Net tic Connection: Mechanism repair


Phase Through: Shifting transference in or out pass thought Barriors.

Phase Channeling: Ghost sprits through soul contact.

Channeling transmission: Ghost spirits contact connection with other ghost spirits

Instant Transmission:  Teleportation:
Vortex Portal particle materialize transference through dimensions, galaxies hyper space. Quadrants vectors through out the Universe.  Warp hole.


Telepath: Mind reader

Mind Meld: Union readers of mind unite: 


Jolt: Unified Fuse combine: attach formation 

Morphic; camouflage change integration,

Changeling: transformations switch change. 

Transporter: shuttle Beam of light transference.

Dreamension: State of the mind the imagination:

Pharoal Cone sis: Fire:




Whitby, Ontario



Revise visuals Visions:

A. George Dave Prince


Little People Neighbour Hood: 

With One Great Big Hand: Communities:


Short people live in a little place called Tiny Town. Amazing children and adult’s sharing working together in union harmony. Plenty to do they are creative, imaginative state mind with fascination.


Their practical realization work of duties and mystical idealist philosophy may is possible or is impossible. The formation must be carefully realized. Illustration visual art produces heighten technical tricks realization cannot be performed. Designs wrote on print is written on scroll.

Practical Science elements of components, compound, tapestry materials, metal materials brings completeness safety and the dangers adopted in our in environment.




They have special gifts and ability with cultural differences. With a great big hug their willing to greet their neighbour’s welcoming the pubic with open arm friendship.

Not always recommend in the real world acquaintance or Loner Strangers.



Little People Neighbour Hood:   

With One Great Big Hand: Rectangles and Squares:


The Zoologist’s studies the environmental the soul creatures of the world. From the fields of the wild meadow, forest, swamps, aquatic sea creatures all whom visited is welcome letting themselves in the Zoo.  All are welcome with the freedom to come and go as they please.


Thick wall’s with a cages barriors or windows protecting separating the pubic from the zoo animals while the Zoologist feeds them thanking them opening the doors to those land creatures that are not afraid of spectatorship carefully examined by the Pubic discovering their existence awareness.


David and Maggie were studying rectangle and squares they could not tell which one was which they were depressed. Wondering sitting on a wooden park bench the Zoologist saw how sad they were ask them to come to the Zoo in the morning and to bring Dave’s phase Convertor.


At the Zoo, The Zoologist brought a Giraffe fiat they were on the other side of the thickest lengthy high wall with out entrance. The Zoologist called Dave to try a rectangle or a square. Dave asked about the angle “what shape.”  The Zoologist said “try a box shape thick wide area with the lengthy long compressed, range of space.


Dave use the phase Convertor tried to let out the Graf fiat through the square box, with Thickness wide width volume space of the wall. The Bar Graph shaped the lengthy long compressed box with volume height control. The compress area did not fit the long neck of the graffiti. The box was too wide, too thick. The compact height of the box was too short did not fit the Graf fiat.


Dave tried a rectangle shape. The Lengthy long space volume, raise the bar higher.  The Width wide gap narrows thin with angle widen control.  The Graf fiat walked out of the zoo through the wall.


The Zoologist gave the children permission to borrow the graffiti ask them to responsibility care for the Graf fiat. Bring him back safe.


Maggie and Dave went back to the barn recovered the gate of fence was a rectangle shape, the glass windows was a square, The house of the doors was a rectangle shape but did not fit the Graffiti his length and height, animal was to high.


Maggie found the perfect place the graffiti would fit in the Barn. The length and height was rectangle shape the perfect sizes for the graffiti.


The Square a shape Box wide thick and a rectangle narrow thin shape lengthy long height with width control. The both were laughing now knowing the different between square and rectangle in angle depths of measurement.


Revised: A.G.D. Prince





Whitby, Ontario



Revise: Vision Visuals:

A. George Dave Prince:


Little People: Neighbour Hood:

One Great Big Hand: Froggy


Edie is curious following tiny creatures, their travel path and listening to their communications.  Small tiny animals that lives under the cement pavement, sand, under a rock, within the bark of tree, cracks, crevices and garden they are everywhere.  In the swamp Edie also watches the tapoe egg hatch in the water.


Amorphous creatures in the river while the fishes eat sea weed. Fishes and Tapoes never bother each other even when the frogs grows legs never starving, predators will not steel snatch they live in harmony.  


Edie watches every morning these amazing creatures transform keep them on record.  Safari Jacket and Rubber boots Eddie takes sample of alkali water testing the mercy levels.


Edie Lee was call home by Sera Lee to dinner coming to her sister house. A travel partner that he did not know came with him an amphioxus creature snuck in his back pack without knowing he took him home. Sera Lee and Edie Lee were Vegetarians not meat eaters. In fact the whole neighbour hood does not eat Poultry. Edie is polite not the best mechanic or repairer his heart is courageous he tries his best.


Michaels teaches Eddies how to build a bee hives and other traits out of wood.

Shifting the projecting the angles placement in suspension Telekineductions with hagiographical images. Slow down the process like a guide. Showing each peace's of the puzzle attachment. Edie builds with his hands following Instructions.  Michel loves work craft of art.


Back of Edie's house is a garden with Insects of plenty. His neighbour’s Sonia Lin helps Edie keep his ground of the Earth soil rich. Edie's Garden is wild but beautiful.


Spiders even spin him a blanket to sleep in. Bees give him nectar, thanking him for all he done to keep the swamp natural. Edie divides the provisions with the stores and his friends. 


The Flyers, Environmental Land Creatures eat large quality of fruits recognizing the insect share the planet with them. Sara and Edie are environmentalist treating tiny creatures, Environmental land Creatures, sea and swamp creatures with the respect.


Sera and Edie are telepathic who talk to every soul creatures of the Earth. Sera understand environmental soul land creatures and Edie’s understand the tiny creatures weather their in land, ocean, misty swamp or flyers they coincide in partnership working together. Butterflies, dragon flies, pray mantis, dumb beetles, many visit the garden.


Night Creatures come out for a night visited as will attract to the light warming their bodies. When Eddies is tired the tiny creatures leaves the house knowing he has to rest.


The children went sleep while the cricket’s played their musical musician instrument with their hind legs setting a tone. The Fire flies from the back of the tail the bulb turn out the lights saying Good Night.



Sera and Edie they live next door to each other brother and sister with their best friends Sonia Lin is next to them. Before Edie went to sleep an unknown travel companion jump on his bed as his eyes faded with a blur saw the frog hopped on his stomach. Edie fell unconscious he fell asleep. They were travel companion whom went every where together. The frog sat on top of his head. Froggy:


Revised: A.G.D. Prince  





Whitby, Ontario



Revise Vision Visuals By:    

A. George Dave Prince:


Little People Neighbour Hood:

A Great Big Hand: Return Arrival:


Maggie back from the air port returned from a far city. Michel, Tonia, Sera Lee, Sonia Lin, arrived at the air port searching for her plane to arrive.  Off the plane her baggage’s suitcase was on the conveyor belt spanned in a circle. Michel with Telekineductions projects an illustration created a two way conveyor belt separator.



Dividing Maggie’s luggage's from the pubic. The Conveyor belt materialized for real but does not move. Tonia with Kinesis: push directly transferred the objects pushing Maggie’s Luggage’s.

In the conveyor separator spinning the turning wheels while Sonia Lin open the van. They were all glad to see Maggie. Ron, Susan, David and Sheila, and Edie: planned a surprise get together. Everyone is waiting to see Maggie again. 


Ron Lifted the heavy Equiptive load in mix order in Maggie’s backyard. Not pre-arranged Ron muscles lifted with easy.  With dexterity speed Susan set the kitchen tables, Protection Cook, and Preparation of the fruits and salads. The kitchen serious table idem was placed on the place mat. The dinning room was Guess of Service area. With speed, quickness, she maintains the whole house sprinkling clean. Maggie is sure to be impressed.


Outside the house was a warm summer day.  Mind testers contest board games, and field competition of sports was on the bench.  Recording Music everyone danced on the field of the backyard if any person feels to grove? 


Keri-ki-ko-ke of memorial songs once played tried selection to pick. If this is song is the chosen of choice? Sonia Lin napkin placement decorated Origami Flower's by the table. 


Decorations of designs, organization of party ordainments, designs cards, and gifts were done by Michel, Sera Lin, and Tonia before they left.


Real Flowers ribbons were tied to the tail string of the balloons. Vases with fresh flower were picked by Sonia Lin.  She watched Maggie garden while she was gone. Sonia Lin picks up seeds planting them in the front yard of Maggie flowers beds. Creating a meadow flower sign banner shared to perfection stating welcome home Maggie.


Dave uses his Phase Convertor bar graph put the table and chairs in placement of the computer grid. The mix order organized the tool setting of the computer. The Table and chairs were centered in the backyard. Whip Cream cake with inside fruits, party equipment with responsibility and enjoyment they were going to have fun.



Sheila senses her arrival she was close. She ran out of the house first to give Maggie a hug. The Element of surprise her house was in tip top shape. Setting on the bench giving thank you cards welcoming back Maggie to Tiny Town.


Revised: A.G.D. Prince:















Whitby, Ontario



Revise Vision Visuals By:

A. George Dave Prince:


Little People Neighbour Hood:

With One Great Big Hand: The Circus:


Stable trailer truck the circus travel towards Tiny Town. Many vehicles with auto fair equipment searches for proper grounds area they could hang their hat for a while setting their platform.  


Circus Travelers are always on the move discovering the different idea's looking for the specula.  The Circus Vehicle’s hit a bumpy rocky road many of the cages loosen releasing the animals are on the highway wondering lost heading towards Little Town.

Divided they went their separate ways.  Most traveled in a packs.


In the region of the city most people would be scared to not go near wild creatures.

Soul creature’s to those whom are a mistreated to contact the Animal Human Mane Society.

Dangerous to the Pubic may try there best to reach the Animal control, the apprension of animals.

Wild Safari apprension geologist may team up trap the Soul Creatures keep them in a proper percillity. Sending back to the Forest Ranger Park or forest where they belong.


Those that are dangerous, or wild, stay away or find a protective area but do not go near them.  Those usually lost have tags to call their owners the practical realization.



Children wondered lost in the woods away from the camping grounds of their parents they were lost. Sara Lee rode on a horse back, guided by birds circling around her asking her to follow them.


The Children were near the Mountain Peak far from the camp. Deer’s jumped hopped trotted beside Sara Lee willing to help her.


The children went on the Deer’s back; the Deer’s trotted off following Sera while the birds guided them back to the camp sight sending them back to their family.  Eyes of Trust of

An environmental land Creature, innocent soul pure of heart the Deer trusted Sara.


Riding on her horses she could hear motion of the branch twitching someone is swinging on a vine.   This was certainly not the windy breeze or not Edie playing a practical joke. Not like Ed to play pranks he is more responsible. Sera Lee pulls out a banana from her traveling pack. She rested underneath the tree as the monkey jump on her shoulder. 


The monkey knew she could be trusted. Somebody must be looking for the animal.

She took the monkey back with her while traveling.


Animals started small, many more came out of hiding following Sera to her house. She separated them all sending them in barn yard stables or outside the pastures of the gate, the smallest went insider her house.


The Flyers sat at the back yards of the branches next to the forest. The Domestic animals and small farm animals stayed in the house those whom are house trained.


Sera Lee lives close by next to her brother Edie Lee and her neighbour Sonia Lin. She could not wait to tell all her friends even those in town.


At the Town the Circus Travelers spoke to the police and the Zoologist. They were planning to spit in groups to find the missing animals.


Sara Lee's friends went to the empty circus exhibition saw the Circus Travelers. Police and The Zoologist and the Safari Apprension Capturers all gathered together about to spit into groups to find the the amazing soul creatures. The Children asked "if they could help".


The Police gave them CB. Radio Handlers:

Them must to "report back locate and find the animal wonderers. The Safari, Animal Control and the Circus will come collect for them.


The Zoologist notice Sara Lee was not present with them they surely could use her help. The Zoologist and the circus travelers drove to Sera Lee barn near the forest was amaze at the sight when reaching the barn.


The Safari Team, the Police, and Sera Lee's friends separated searching through the industrial town and residential area's. Finding other circus animals that were not at present in the forest they were found.


Sara found most of the animals the Zoologist and the Circus Travelers open the stable trailer trucks to gather them back to the exhibition. 


 The animals were happy to see their owners again.

For helping the Circus Travelers they gave Sera tickets with her friends to see the exhibition. All came to see the extravaganza.


Revised By: A.G.D. Prince:





Whitby, Ontario



Revise Vision Visuals By: 

A. George Dave Prince 


Little People Neighbour Hood:

With One Big Hand: Traffic Blockage:


Tent set up, performances is ready, every one coming to the circus.

Traffic is heavy the police guided the traffic's freeing the crowded highway.

No Police could reach the town every sector corner the Cops was too busy.


Maggie came to the circus but the each corner was moving slow.

Slowly became block with no one there to help clear the area.


District police was in the country saw a crowd of herds, farm Animal's and Forest creatures back up traffic. He called on the C.B. Radio for Air Heart to search for the Farmer asking for her help.


Sera Lee with Air Heart the helicopter whom sighted the Farmer rock climbing slipping and sliding. His belt hooked on a study edge rock dangling for help.  He is alright for the moment.

His equipment and his hat were on boom surface of the mountain.

The Farmer sustains no injuries, and he was not hurt.


Air Heart arrived from the peek of the mountain saw the farmer swinging on the edge. Convector rope belt came down hook his pants halting up into the helicopter. Air Heart was an expert lasso thrower pulling him away from the edge. The Farmer was on the way mission complete but first landed on ground getting his equipment and they gave back his hat.  


The children reached the Circus before traffic. They saw them practicing before the big day. The trampolines, Bravy muscle of strength; strong man, Fort urn Teller, The Clowns, the Highway towards town was a blockade no vehicle could reach in time.  


Michel created a distant air mile telecom, the realization telephone materialized.  This time Shield found old batteries and recharge the energy became a mobile phone. Connected with the police C.B. Radio to tell him about the traffic in town how the vehicle are blocked. The Police were doing they can but could not reach in time.


The clown's turn too practice. Maggie saw the Circus Police chasing the clowns. He was blowing the whistle and directioned many vehicles earlier with easy especially the fair trucks. This gave Maggie an idea.


The Police was caught in the highway backup they were too busy. 

This person was once a Traffic Cop found interest in the circus more exciting.

Maggie asks for his help to re-direct traffic in town? The Circus Police agreed to help out since most were going to the circus.


The Traffic pile up The District cop waited saw the helicopter arrived.

The Farmer moves the farm animals back to his the stables.

Sera Lee with trust guided them back to the forest. The Ranchers came to help building a fence around the forest while the district police free the traffic back to normal.

All left towards the circus.


Clearing the vehicle out in normal pace direction the street was safe again. 

Visitor’s of the pubic came to see the circus to see the performance.

This was a great success. 


 Revised By: A.G.D. Prince





 Whitby, Ontario



Revise Vision Visuals By:

A. George Dave Prince:


Little People Neighbour Hood: With One Great Big Hand: 

Ned and Ted: Mechanical Equiptive Fixing Repair:


Ted was to busy the vehicles were gather at the parking lot.

He was underneath the car making repairs. Many automobile's and trucks needed fixing.


Edie brought his bike was in badly shape needed repair.

Ted told him to leave his bike he would repair tomorrow.

Edie left his bike on the rack.


In Little Town droplet of rain fell poured over the car vehicles. 

The street filled with dirt on the road. The puddle stuck the automobiles messing them up filthy.


The Police could see how muddy the cars were needed the aid of someone whom could help him out. The Law Enforcement would call the on telephone but the cord was out of the socket disconnect from the pick up hook while children arrived.


Michel with an idea drew an idea created a two funnels with a tubing string.



Sheila with conductor Kinesis re-shaped the funnels cord into a plastic telephone. Sheila placed the cord in place providing telekinetic energy electricity to the cord. Tonia with elevated directed floatation moved the object toward Ted’s Garage. Ted sent for a tow Truck.


Ted had so much to do he needs help. He was over loaded even the Car wash was broken down.


In the morning Edie saw his bike fixed and thanked Ted.  The Problem Ted did not repair his bike was mot able to finish half or the vehicles the need repair. A mysterious person made his job much easier.  


Edie decided to lay a trap for the mysterious stranger to capture the suspect. Edie used children Electric big wheeler the ailment was out place needed fixing.


At night the mysterious strange saw the ailment of the vehicle need adjustment. He properly fixes the vehicle wash and cleaned.  


Edie and Ted caught stranger thanking him personally for his help. Before the strange left on his way Edie ask him to stay to help out in the garage they could became patterns.

None thought of the idea association of development both were recognized and they also as friends. Ned was his name: became Ned and Ted's Garage:  


What about the dirty vehicles? The Car wash is dysfunctional the children help wash the clean the cars thoroughly.  


Folk Song: All through the town:  

                  So early in the morning:  


 Revised by: A.G.D. Prince


















Whitby Ontario



Revise Vision Visuals:

A. George Dave prince  


Little People Neighbour Hood:

With One Great Big Hand: Craft of Arts: The Mail Box's:  


Michael is a reshape a builder of art.


Imagining Imagination of the state of brain hagiographical focus from the dream realm of his eyes the portal virtual screen is visualized six feet away.


Without interference closing his retina he could choose not to show to anyone his choice. 



The portal virtual screen is separated from his eye. Michael’s cortex eye turns colorful bright blue, to tinge brown.


Camera Imaginary of materialization and tools of handment is photo screen saved through his photo previous memory.  


Materializes when the realization is theoric realized. The data of knowledge he could follow the instructions.



Michael builds a wooden mail box: Cut lengthy width

Sides, round thick circle shape of a tree or good sturdy wood.  The lethal cuts the depth of the mail box deep with a good side huge driller or a good side Drill Bit.


Flat wooden door hinges to cover the circle box, Sand paper to make soften the wood free from splints. The wood circles need a lever to open the wooden circle box. 


Set a wooden post to keep the Mail box from moving shifting from into the ground. 


Michael rebuilt Sheila’s mailbox that tossed in the wind and disappeared.


The residential, Industrial area none of Tiny Town was not damaged.

The city kept completely well maintained. Michael mysteriously gave back the circle mail box placing in place. Sheila eyes lit up when she saw the description.



Delivery Service

From the post office:




Revised: A.G.D. Prince:





Whitby Ontario



Revise Vision Visuals:  

A. George Dave prince  


Little People: Neighbour Hood:  

With one Great Big Hand: Maggie and Edie's Christmas:   


Winter Holidays has arrived. Christmas spiritual energy gives a vibe.

Christmas moods up lifted with cheer this shall be a good year.

She could her bells ring. While the each individual sing with a tone

Humming a tune sings their songs. 


Christians gather to praise the word of God; the new Baby King is born.

Listen hearing the sound melody rhythm of music the misty chill, frosty calm, and coolness air not deathly cold. Maggie watches everyone cozy and warm.


Christmas brought every person together on this Cherish Day.

Maggie walked pass the park of the auditorium. Melody of filled her soul.

Maggie visualized saw everyone joining and sing her new song.

Every one was invited to meet her in the park at the auditorium, Christmas Eve.

Share the soul of her medley.



The Children joy riding on the slid. Sliding down the hill with their toboggans shifting the through the trees dodging each object down hill. Passing the sack Tonia grabbed the sack until they reach the surface of the ground.


Edie created two flutes for Ned and Ted working he tried his best.

Santa Clause saw him in the work shop. Chris Cringle thanked Edie for what he done.

May not the best craft person or Technical person in the field? This is very important he put his courage of heart in all his works, Bond of family and Friendship, or Santa was watching he was impressed. 



The others open the bag to look in side.

The Sack Open a Pandora box's of a vortex fill with toys. Outside the sack circler round thin tapestry material in a whole materialized circumference.


Santa carrier a tag on his Sack: Kris Kringle walked with Edie back while the rest of the children gave back the sack to which this belongs.


The heat became very warm ask the children for help.

Michel used a paper clip pitching small pieces of snow and threw them in the air. Snow fell to the ground from the ski’s Maggie asked "How do we know you have magic powers" she asked.


With a great big laugh Santa gave a smile. His reindeers touched descended down with his sleigh. Took his seat and lifted into the sky.

Dash away, Dash away all, the reindeers ascended levitated elevated in the sky aviated the sleigh moved through the town.


Sprinkle of hope lit up the starry stellar skis the stars shined. Presents descended down to the each house. Santa called shouted "Merry Christmas and happy new year”. “Be Good back next year.  Everyone came to the auditoriums sang her inventive new the song:


Maggie authorship Lyrical:  

Hear The Song Bell Rings:


Everyone appreciated the Harmony Rhythm Heart Soul of Music.

Greet each other saying happy Christmas: Maggie lifted the spirit of Christmas everybody sang.

 Night fall every one went to the farmer's house. Resting conformably underneath the hay there was all type of different animal soul creatures inside the barnyards. The night fall went down told the story of The Baby is born the child of God. Mary a women will conceive a child: Jesus:


Revised By: A.G.D. Prince
















Whitby, Ontario



Revised Vision Visuals:

By A. George Dave Prince


Little People: Neighbour Hood:

With One Great Big Hand: Sonia Lin Garden:


Daffodils, Roses, Coca shells, Staples Fields Sun Flowers,

There are many flowers and trees growing in Sonia fields of Gardens.

Field’s of buds growth in her the back yard. Insects and birds visited.


Spring in the regions April showers bring May Flowers her garden

Is paradise near the waterfall? Plant seeds are planted underneath the earth of the ground.

Pixy twinkle sprinkles seed grew blooming fresh. Stouts while rising to the photo symphonist of the sun, The Flowers blooms the leaves regenerate with return.

Orchards, Organic, petals is back in season.


The wind shifts many seed of petal leaves drift carried towards the meadows.

Realization: seeds may fall at the side of the ash, brick, cement, ran over, even the side of the road. Seed Carry away where they may.


The Dog Berries item’s of trinket or his bone by switching flipping over the field covering the property remains meadow unless the area is dug into. The Dog walks away.


Fillers chlorophyll fills colouration of the leaves. Canyons turn colour with the help of symphonists.

Canyon barrior also a break down shrivels.


The holding storage of Glycols is the nourishment with in the bark or stem.

Relaxing breeze of the wind was enough take a petal bud or leaf drift in the winds

She levitated towards the sky drift in the air of the wind, shifting towards town meeting every one for lunch. The chief searching for idea’s to brighten his restaurant. 

Organic petal pieces of garnish set on the rim of the plate.


Garden of flowers in the pottery beds were outside garden of the restaurant and inside’s of the Food Store of Recipes. The spurt Rayneticxisis seeds were set in place drop in soil.  

The growth the flowers flourished. Sonia also placed Boca vase of flowers centering them on the table.  Pick many stem of flowers she gave the flowers to Michel. 

With Telekinections he reshaped shift the flowers materialized the napkins and the dishes into decorative design. Michel also reshaped the napkins in origami.


The chief restaurant was open to society ready to serve the host of pubic with success.


The Breezy morning her friends were going to school. She took a petal of flower giving to her friends. Michel reshaped transformed morphed the flower into a kite.

With telekinesis Tonia lifted her friends levitated them high in the sky feeling the drift wind of the breezy air currant.  Aviated, guided, direct themselves towards school.  


Revised: By A.G.D. Prince:





Whitby Ontario



Revised Vision Visuals

By A. George Dave prince


Little People Neighbour Hood:

With Great Big Hand: Split Personality:


In Bright early morning the sun shines through the window glories day.

Running through the house the domestic animal jumps on the bed waking Sonia Lee the dog’s feeding time. Sonia wakes given the dog his nutrients. Not over feeding her companion who is her family pet.


Driving in the car receiving the radio on the air he could hear different animal’s sounds.

The Dog tried to copy the soul creatures. Shopping in the mall the dog tried to sound like a sheep the problem did not mimic the sheep voice specking on the microphone.


Employee’s heard the howling searching for the Dog whom tried to sound like a sheep

The dog left the area. Morphing into the sheep the Dog went to the town square.

Crossing the Intersections lights the pubic noticed something different of his height.

The sheep seem taller. Mayor saw a Sheep digging in his yard was worried about a sheep condition. The Sheep is usually at the country not in the city.


The Play ground the sheep was to playful retrieving Items. Playing fetch catching the stick the children enjoyed the sheep performance a circus owner must own this lost sheep.

The Animal Control tried to capture the sheep. The Sheep with hidden talances escape the area

Like the dog walking up to the Farmers Country side.


Sonia noticed her dog was gone while the Employers called the owner to the front.

Employer played back the video tape the spot on his chair howling on the micro phone last seen going out the door.



The Mayor call a town meeting worried he thought he saw a sheep at the town square.

The Sheep acted differently like a Dog. The Pubic saw the sheep cross the Intersection turns.

The Children saw the talented sheep at the play ground who act a like a dog playing fetch.


They were worried. The received a report the dog was at the farmer’s house. This

Strange phonon on occurred this time the farm animals acted strangely. The Mayor follow by the pubic took Sonia to the farmer house to sort out the situation.

Sonia sorted the idea by singing O’ Mc. Donald’s.


The Dog realized been a sheep meant staying in the country side away from his friends fenced. The Morphic Sheep Dog transformed back to the domestic house dog.

Rather be his self.


Revised: by A.G.D. Prince






Whitby, Ontario



Authorship: Little People:


Revised Visuals Visions:

By: A. George Dave Prince


Little People Neighbour Hood:

With One Great Big Hand: Go - Cart:


Go Cart Race down hill a section of the long street road never used by the city.

They could not decide the economy found better assist area’s around the road.    

The city decision to leave down vertical hill they left the road to wheelers racers given to the children. None went through the area neither residential, industrial Industries.

The road was empty.  



Even Person gear’s up fixing their Wheel Cart Racers. The children must creating shaping with their own theoric big wheelers shaping by their own hands with out cheating.

Giving them construction of duty building be sections.


Edie built a wooden brown class Racers. Wooden floor Boards with the seat, sort like a kayak, not cut the lengthy board in half. Two brakes set on the wheel fusion to stop the go cart with lever clutch chrome elevating the brakes.


Michel saw a child pushing red trailer handle push cart: Designing a Trailer Wheeler’s with tight Grip brakes. No Projection needed.


Ronny and Susan: Built a blue doom buggy racer Go-Cart with petals they love to move swiftly in the competition Strength verses dexterity, Competitors whom compete against one other this is

Not a marshal Art of combat, assault assignation battle of war:  

The challenge is to shake hands, or bow with honour with friendship with no hard feelings.

Beginning through finish those whom win, lose or Tie technically those whom scores first is the winner.


Tonia and Sonia Joins forces building a two way golden racer bicycle go cart both with chrome handle a back steering navigation two set with petals with grip clamps creative team.



Sera: Hover Green Hot wheel petal Go cart with forest animal decorations and unicorns. She brings inspiration.  Sheila is with chrome shade covering. Sort like a tent every person with seat belts ready to push away. 



Dave plastic wheeler black go cart with his challenge converter switch morphed into a staring wheel.  


The Referee set his flag. Lift the flag ready, straighten out his hand set, brought down the flag off they went.


Despite all the participants Ronny and Susan were the most powerful. Susan pushes little faster dexterity flexible with speed. However with strength Ronny is not too far behind with his powerful legs.  


Road is clear path with twist and turns leading to another area eventfully lead back to the same path. Some area’s is longer or short meting back to the main road. Both side will met little bit behind or little bit farther. Not to far from each other. Object dodge road is another story. 



Ronny and Susan always chosen the longest path they caught up eventually.

Taking the short path they were not interested.


Michel Imageries is creative, and actual, even without Images he could compete

Behind Ronny, Tonia and Sonia not is too far behind.  From the rear is Sheila next to Sera.  Usually they would give the competition their hundred percent toward the finish line they were not focused on the game. Edie for once passed them all even with a element of surprises none

Were prepared because usually Beside Ronny and Susan winning most the games.

Michel, Sonia, Tonia, Sheila, Sera, are the underdogs whom could snatch the trophy underneath

Them if they were not careful.  Ron and Susan came in first place but cheer on Edie even when he came last. They gave Edie a friendship award for putting his heart and soul into to the competition. This is not about been first but your test of skill even if you’re not the brightest,


You're always the winner even if you pull through crossing finishing at the back of the line. Not with the recognization but he completed the coarse. Finisher is to beat his own time record rather the Compete against the competition.  Competitors like Edie put his heart and soul in the competition no matter how small he tries never giving up. The old and new to record is

In the back of the mandolin.


 Revised by A.G.D. Prince