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Revise Saga Visuals: by  

  1. George Dave Prince

    Tec Wars Tactical: Revised:

Colonized Colonies Attacks:


Battle Star Galactica: Colonized
Lost Star Travelers who once live on Earth lived on Galistar. Descendent Settlers Origins of Earth

Children born Stellar Nations were not welcome on Earth. The Planet secluded them off the planet.


Through Generation the planet was colonized after Silons destroyed their planet. Nobody Battle planet replicated the theistic clones, assault stellar combat war ships.  Silons kept one negotiator general alive with in formation the salons attacked with dominces. Came back to live to where they originated to find their way back to Earth lead by Captain Lord Green however the Silons follow them while traveling destroying one nation after another the law was decreed marsh law.

Aliens: Exploration team from the Earth planet colonized an unknown planet. Not realizing the treat of danger the trap that awaits planet implosion radiating the world surface.

Aliens Report: The Army sent to the area to radiate the Alien Species with two Survivors.

Aliens set a trap for the arrival of the military.

The Hostile Aliens never reached Earth. However transference of her seed in the to human host Alien Species baby were born.

Species: Despite their warning scientist captured and Alien species to study the bio-logic physics. Release escape among the pubic Aliens looking for a new host seed of pregnancy. N.A.S.S.A. Pursuit protecting the pubic from hostile Alien.





Gander: Hollinger stellar immigrant kept low key crash landed illegally
in the meadow near the technician scientist Renton Grandfather house on Earth.
Stellar Immigrate nation was taken over by
the Hostile stellar nation whom dominated with control.   



 Lost connection with the Force Five and the Princess, Renton                              

Grandfather agreed to help built a Docking port underneath
      the planet surface underground to reach any access around the World.

The Port Base reaches into the area regions, outer continents of
territorial boarders and into stellar space.

The Hostile Aliens technology was stolen the Invaders were after the Gander Zords wanting the technology back. Their last course of destination heading towards Earth not realizing Gander would become Earth only
Guardian Protector Hero.

The Problem spells trouble for Gander Zord.  Hollinger Performs stunts in front of the whole audience providing training preparing the Earth public for Alien invasion attack. Gander put on performance art show even if the combat was realistic. The Force Five eventfully will soon join forces with Gander. 


Battle Zords: Tall Geese official competition competitive games:  

Oban Star: Races: Protecting the galaxy before
the hostile Aliens could reach before them. 

Close Encounter: The arrival of the aliens their Intentions
                              were unknown: Plan's of domination: 


Thank to Gander technology a Special Elite Team in G-Force battled Spectra Scouter Forces and their copy clones. 


Hostile forces commander wanted to destroy Earth, His request denied in search for servallance search on Earth's capability’s protective defences and weaknesses. Hostile nation recovered the plans the elite team fail missions. G-Force blew up the base tactical scamaptic blue prints. Copy Clones were use as ponds before the invaders could move in. The Hostile forces were look for the Gander Technology.   

Aliens Nations: Geo State Hostile Aliens dominate over the Earth century temporal sanctions were place on the pubic of Earth:


Hostile Stellar battle Star ships fleet their entrance was blocked from Earth Stellar sphere. Coralian with an oxygen container wore mask blue mist around their face they were not from this planet.

Aliens Nations: Geo State Hostile Aliens dominate over the Earth century temporal sanctions were place on the pubic of Earth:

Eureka: and Renton:

The Youngers: Familiar with the technology.  Re-instated Renton whom helped them stole the technology by discovering a weakness of the Hostile Alien Tactical blue print. In the future they help the Scientist and the Exxon-Squad.                   

Eureka pilot is connected Ninevash to both Renton and Eureka mutual trust between them unlocking the history of the Ninevash data. Coralian: Stellar Space sattle lights.

Coralian created a pattern of works applied in two Aliens Nations: illustration actual Duty focus of Realization, and Mythic pictorial illustration Realm of fansty. Temporal Storm re-action hovers through mystic clouds like a dream. The reflective mirror bounces off the sky colour array of the beams rift wave or a weaponry assault comes back with Physical form realm of
becoming a real component.

With actual focus the dream state is connected to
the temporal storm state of minds unconscious,
State of sleep children the dreams.

The problem with the re-actins of the medicine the temporal Storm will not relapse release the state ten dents of the brain.

Something about this dream what the Coralian did?
Some how the trace of membrane seem bleak
lest forget. Not sure state of brain wants to remember.
Hollinger run from the problem of the attack.

The Government whom could not tell who was whom.
He was ordered assault marshal Laws frontal assault on the pubic. Coralian pried into the minds of the nation.  

I must admit the land scape is fantastic however the directional guidance must continue to unlock the hidden potential. The Directional path own choice of destiny given the realization where thoughts of the mind leads.

The Geo-State sent a Zord to destroy the sattle light
dish from stellar space causing temporal static electrical storm
around the Planet of Earth surface with not hemisphere entrance escape
towards outer space.

Discovering their tactical abilities with Renton and Eureka help, Exxon -Quad in rebuilds take their planet back.

Eureka may have been child from the Princess Daughter once from the Force Five.  Lovers whom are commitment Renton and Eureka help save the world from the Dark Robo Tec Wars

Turn the tides of the long battle.

Exxon-Quad: Earth under Lock down control by
The Coralian servallance watching the city.
The soldiers control the area the realm
Dream State seem like virus robots in the main
electrical power control the main frame grid.

Exxon -Quad refused to be monitored by the Coralian
attacking with assault vehicles with revolt.

Exxon-Quad was back in action.

Eureka and Duie, mind state developed tactical
a capabilities beyond the average youngers.

Entering the temporal rift cause a symptom
ill's by telepathic state the children whom dare
to dream from ten dent of the brain active their
Zords the Ninevash and the Blue Moon before the next wave distortion of Coralian.

The Mind state developed heighten the ten dents of the brain
she almost went insane. She would held back not letting
the Coralian control her. She did amazing.

The sanity of Renton the Coralian tried control the state of
his mind, thought of divine mentally intervention Renton whom tries to win the heart of Eureka will add fuel to the fire by both must kept separated from each other.  

Since the Coralian is neither, realization or fansty. The Geo state Invaders were against the Decko in combat conflict. Each Rift caused a new assignment battle against each other.

The Coralian State themselves stated "Human are so predicable they needed challenges".  The Real enemy is with in the temporal rift.  Drain the temporal storm with a rod insulation protector,

Solar Plexy glass absorbs the Invader’s energy.
Transference through a generator, open the field portal. 
The Star Ship Troopers and Robo Tec the Dark century Wars begin. 
Wing Commander the Coralian’s tiny creatures Morphic changed into the humanoids theistic human treat of tiny creatures begin.  


 With Trusted help the Ninevash recognizing them Renton and Eureka in union together whom  

They pledged a sold oath their deep lover’s commitment to each other. 

The Planet Invaded by Aliens:
Hostile Aliens nations, a special team plan to take their planet back Scientist help Exo-Quad discover the tactical weakness of the Coralians. 

Since Renton, Eureka pulled The Coralians from the dreamensional portal becoming realistic reality. Invaders re-treated with re-enforcement.

Robo Wars: Scientist Learning the Tactical scamaptic with Renton, Eureka, and Exo- Quad help.  The abilities of the enemy Earth and the Invaders battle in long conflict of war.

Independents Day:
Take back their planet from the Hostile Aliens drive them out.

Babylon: Earth negotiators: to the Galactic Nations Stationed

The Last Great hope of peace in stellar of space.

Andromeda; and Star Blazer:

Earth Government sent their Stellar Star Battle Fleets finest to the Hostile Aliens Home Planet taking the battle to them. With Lost Star Travelers: also saving the stellar Immigrants Alien
Home Planets from Hostile take over their origin planet is restored also stated as a nightmare. 

Gun Dam Wing: Technology was believed thought to achieve peace kept the stellar nations away from their planet. Human’s battling among themselves Solentity of the Common Wealth with false Hope nation under guard.

Boy and Rusty: Many Joined the World Arm forces  
                         protecting their planet under the government of Kushrunota Marshal Law:
                    In the name of peace:


Extreme Centurions: land scape, Skis, and Sea’s:
Separated to defend they were the planet they were Unbeatable.

However his Conrad transported in his companions technology.
Transferring aiding his associate in flight combat over run by star stellar fighters with no experience the person had to learn fast.

Voltron: Peace was thought to be achieved kept stellar immigrants Earth entrance becoming citizens of planets nation.  Alien forces discouraged with Negotiators destroyed the peace deal summoning protector to defenders their planet Sting operation.

V- Visitors: Half Human, Half Alien negotiating peace
              between both worlds:

Sliders: Quantum Leap;
Inter-dimensions portal travelers materialized phase in parallel universe. Not knowing how to handle the phase Convertor time dilatation casing a distortion in the fabric in space.

Star Gate: Inter-dimensional Portal Travel. Ancient Alien Species stellar nations developed this technology.  
Lost in space: the Star Gate may have helped the Robinson’s who develop the hyper gate way. The Robinson lost direction from their prime sector.  The Family has disappeared distantly far area in uncharted territory unable to return. 

Men in Black: Alien Immigration officers:  Aliens Species stellar Nations: co-exists to live with Humans. 

Star Trek: On going voyages peace negotiations with Aliens. Captain Johnthen then Experimented with Transporter Buffer of transference. 

The Star Gate portal Gate is much Heavier, Freighter side with metal phase beam.  The  

Stucturized transportor was much lighter than star Gate. Phase transference with suspension partials Human Souls could come aboard much faster. 

Gun Dam: SD: The Mighty protectors against
The Dark Access:

 Star Wars: Outer Gal Battles:




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Sol verity: Common Wealth Under Guard:





   E-mail:  agdprince@rogers.com

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           A. George Dave Prince

           Whitby, Ontario, Canada


Gun Dam Wing: Gun Dam Seed:


Common Wealth: of Sol verity Under Guard:


Hero Yuie, Catra, Duo, Wolfia, Lionos,

Lenia Peace Craft, General Kushadia, Curia Yamato:



Youngers child Hero Yuie his father in military manipulated his son by order of command  

 Seem like a video game he thought the Zords were toys. 

 Weaponries assault mobile vehicles Zords; (Tell geese’s)

The child was sent on missions to assonate his target.


Technology was thought to achieve peace

(Common Wealth Servallance)

The city under military watch of the Guards.


In the statement of the Superiors the military Not to worry about the Colonies follow orders do what you are told.


The President of Colonies wanted exchange the common wealth servallance for Liberty Independence of Freedom.


The Military would not allow this change to happen. Higher Hero to make the Colony government their next target.



Hero Yuie in his teen youth accepted the mission by chopping the plane in half under New leader ship Under the Common wealth military servallance

Kuishionota (rise of Solverity).


Under duress Hero decided to defend the Colonies against the Common wealth giving back Liberty of Freedom back to the people.


Air to the throne Kuishionota Daughter who stated life is a Never Ending Waltz causing century of never ending wars between Heeliopoist and the Naturals.

Daughter of two worlds whom almost became queen. 


Governance Lenia snap her out of her command decision of royalty, educating the pubic against Physical Conflict of violence exchange for Morality of Peace. Intertwined with in the future both Hero and Curia.


The agreement block stellar Immigrant from entry of the Earth Stellar sphere

Peace was thought to be achieved. Lead to an aviation war.


Re-summoning of the voltron Zords also sent negotiators of Orb.

To stop the endless violent.

   Lenia Peace Craft tried to Prevent the war.  Her brother Kushadia Peace Craft the

Solider General hid identity mysteriously. Silence undiscovered until he was banned from the Military by his superiors.

Rise of Solverity:


Revised: Saga  A.G.D. Prince